Our Mission

Mid-Kansas Ear, Nose & Throat Associates is dedicated to providing quality ear, nose and throat care and hearing services to adults and children.

Our specialties include general and pediatric ENT surgery; nasal and sinus surgery; sleep apnea and snoring treatment; allergy testing and treatment; speech, language and voice therapy; audiology testing and hearing aid dispensing.


Mid-Kansas ENT Hosts
Theater Crawl to introduce patients to ReSound

Many seniors have stopped going to the theater because they struggle to hear the audio. ReSound, in conjunction with Mid Kansas ENT, recently held an interactive theatrical event, which fundamentally changed the perception of going to the theater for the attendees. (read more)

Summertime. Swim time.

If your summer plans include spending a lot of time at the pool and lake, now is a good time to learn how to protect your child’s ears. (read more)

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